Welcome to the Legal Project Management Club

The Legal Project Management Club (LPMC), its website and education programme, and its member fraternity are aimed at lawyers and project management professionals and others who are involved in the design, implementation and performance of legal project management systems, methodologies and organisational development within legal departments and firms of all kinds.

Good project management comes from effective people management, that is, managing the people who manage the tasks.  It's not just a process although some structure is important.  The same applies to successful legal project management.

LPMC is not only for "newbies" to legal project management (LPM) needing to learn about the basics of LPM quickly, particularly as to what they should expect and how they should prepare, but also for the more seasoned project managers wishing to specialise in legal project management and who want to develop the particular skills that it requires.

In these post Covid-19 times where distributed and remote working has become the "new normal", it is essential for all those engaging with LPM to have a good understanding of the process.  It is only by acquiring and developing the competencies necessary to engage with LPM effectively that individuals will be able to demonstrate their proficiency in this field.


LPMC is a multi disciplinary cross-professional initiative of practitioners and others established to promote and deliver best practice, standards, competencies and professional excellence in legal project management through individual and corporate training consultancy services and networking.  The practical objectives of LPMC are:

  • To provide a forum for discourse amongst legal project managers.
  • To deliver reasonably priced certificated training courses to those wishing to acquire and/or improve their project management skills.
  • To advise governments, judiciaries, Bars, private enterprises and academic institutions on establish legal project management systems and courses to promote, teach and research legal project management methods and their uses.
  • To promote actively the expertise and experience of its members and registered users in the marketplace.
  • To monitor and validate registered users training and CPD records.
  • To engage with legal project management service providers, legal project managers of all kinds, clients and academics researching legal project management and associated fields to create minimum practice standards and competencies for the benefits of the legal project management profession and its consumers.
  • To crerate a recognisable brand and mark among consumers which will identify registered users practices with the LPMC threshold for legal project management.


LPMC operates through a Chairperson, Secretariat and an appointed Advisory Board.


LPMC provides open, in-house (subject to social distancing measures) and distributed training through the use of senior practitioners and experienced trainers in the legal and project management fields.

LPMC provides an e-newsletter and hopes to commission a full practice and academic journal in due course.

LPMC promotes its identity with a logo which has become established as a quality mark for legal project managers.  Members are licensed to use the LPMC logo on their letterhead, web site and other locations.

LPMC members belonging to other professional bodies and are the subject of regulation carried out by the members "home" professional standards body, e.g., Solicitors Regulatory Authority, Bar Standards Board, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Institute of Chartered Accountants, etc., and these govern among other things requirements regarding conduct, ethics and professional indemnity insurance.  LPMC expects registered users to comply fully with any applicable codes of conduct.


Anyone who works in the area of Legal Project Management whether for a law firm or other organisation or is an academic in the LPM field or has an interest in LPM, is welcome to join LPMC.  The benefits of membership include the opportunity to network with like minded people, explore and learn new methods and techniques to do with LPM and, develop new friendships. (Note: We are currently transferring LPMC to new servers and will expect to be back on-line shortly).



Equa's Win-Do-Learn/Grow approach provides an effective framework for both delivering great projects and growing as a legal project manager.  Based partly on a waterfall approach to management and partly on agile working, Equa's LPM process and accompanying software package "ODIN" (under development) provides both the structure and the learning environment to support distributed legal project management in post Covid-19 work environment.

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