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ODIN is our flagship legal project management methodology.  It implements in a software package our Legal Project Management Process Guidelines.  The guidelines and this software application have been produced in response to a need to ensure a consistent approach to the delivery of legal services for which law firms of all sizes and kinds are responsible.

In particular:

  1. All projects pass through a common controlled process to ensure consistency of project output.
  2. Projects can be tested frequently against instructions to ensure that the most robust projects are delivered.
  3. Increased accountability can be placed upon Project Team Members to ensure that obligations are met and that project delivery is efficient and effective.
Our application implements a high level statement of requirements.  It doe not profess to implement a detailed project management methodology.  This is because law firms have very considerable legal expertise and a "light touch" approach is considered preferable.  Accordingly, our application is intended to help law firms consolidate their ability manage legal projects as they progress towards tighter integration of their project portfolio with business and service requirements.


Accountants and quantity surveyors tend to be numerate more than they are literate.  Lawyers tend to be the other way around.  Both literacy and numeracy are required to come together to create effective business deals.  And to examine claims when things go wrong.

Unfortunately most "portals" used by law firms with which their experts interact are good at searching but not at analysis.  Likewise spreadsheets prepared by experts don't sit comfortable within them - except as file storage!

VOR utilises the power of databases to store information - both documentary and numerate.  This permits the usual searching that one would expect but VOR enhances this by identifying those subsets of data that require analysis outside of the database (i.e., in a spreadsheet).  It exports these data subsets so that experts can conduct their analysis and then re-imports the findings back into the database so that interrogation can continue within the controlled environment of the database.

Based on our leading product, Zumfix, VOR makes complex construction data immediately easier to follow and understand.  Populatec correctly, the database turns a Dropbox full of random files into an effective tool. 


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Cashflow is the lifeblood of the construction industry.  Payment, however, is a problem.  Applications are made in just about as many ways as there are people to compile them and assessment suffers in exactly the same way.  And that's without the games people play!

Zumfix is an application, employing best practice principles and incorporating more than 40 years of experience in assessing and processing payment applications, which brings consistency of approach to interim payments.  The application utilises bills of quantities or a contract sum analysis as the basis for payment, incorporates changes through variations and handles claims for loss and expense and disruption.  And does it all without a spreadsheet in sight - although the results can be exported to suit later analysis.

By applying a rules based approach to the preparation and assessment of payment applications many of the abuses inherent in the process can be overcome.  Through this means, the incidence of disputes can be reduced and cash flow accelerated.

Where disagreements do arise in claim v assessment, Zumfix refers these automatically to mediation or adjudication using Beckwith Mediation's innovative dispute resolution methods.

Other Applications

Other products under development within our suite of applications include:

  • KOI - the freeware business development package (that we use ourselves).
  • Khufu - building contract administration software (now part of Zumfix).
  • EquaLite - our Simple Productivity Engine.
  • Mamathus - our ongoing research into construction big data. 
If you would to become a beta-tester of our applications and benefit from early releases and early adopter discounts, then please get in touch.  Our Rapid Application Development Life Cycle can be downloaded here.
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